The Litigation Department, in collaboration with reputable external associates has a solid legal experience and two clear aims: excellence in performance and customer satisfaction.

The work of the Litigation Department takes advantage of the synergies of other departments in the Firm such as Labour and Tax and it is usual that consultation begins prior to litigation so as to attempt to avoid legal proceedings or, to the extent possible, to locate the customer in the most favourable scenario and with the maximum guarantees of success

Our Litigation Department is familiar with all the courts and arbitration courts.

Classification of procedures in which we intervene:

• Legal proceedings in civil and commercial order.
• Liability actions.
• Contractual and extra-contractual liability.
• Professional responsibility.
• Assistance and intervention in conflict and procedural situations in corporate matters. Conflicts between shareholders; contesting of agreements of shareholders, Board of Directors. Precautionary intervention in separate preventative measures.
• Exercise of responsibility against administrators.
• Intervention in claims arising from contractual relationships.
• Legal proceedings arising from contracts.
• Actions relating to intellectual and industrial property; invalidity of trademarks and unfair competition actions.
• Product liability, consumers and users and non-contractual civil liability claims.
• Civil and commercial contracts.
• Tenancies and horizontal law.
• General conditions of the contract.
• Agency contracts, distribution, concession and franchise.
• Settlement procedures and contractual termination.
• Procedures on validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts.
• Implementation processes
• Enforcement of personal and real guarantees. Debt payment and collection procedures
• Declaration of heirs. Acceptance and award of inheritances.
• Determining and integrating of hereditary wealth.
• Challenges to wills. Partition of inheritance. Judgments of probate.