Commercial Law


Commercial law is that branch of private law that regulates the set of rules for traders in the exercise of their profession, to acts of trade legally qualified as such and legal relations arising from the carrying out of these.

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Tax Law


Tax law is a branch of public law, within the financial law, which studies the legal rules through which the state exercises its power of taxation in order to obtain private income as to cover public spending in areas to the achievement of the common good.

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Labour Law


Labour law (also called Worker's rights or Social rights) is a branch of the law whose principles and legal standards are intended to protect working conditions when the work is freely accepted , under employment, dependent and in exchange for a fee. It is a set of rules that regulates certain types of dependent work and labour relationships.

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Civil Procedural Law


The Litigation Department, in collaboration with reputable external associates has a solid legal experience and two clear aims: excellence in performance and customer satisfaction.

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Insurance Law


In our capacity as mediators, we are advisors who give recommendations to our clients on the type of insurance and coverage that would suit them according to their personal situation and also analyze the risks to which they would be exposed to and the economic damage that could arise as a result.

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